India will surpass USA, become the 2nd largest smartphone market by 2019 [statistics]

China, USA and India are the three biggest smartphone markets in the world. According to Statista, currently China has around 600 million smartphone users that is 31% of the entire world's smartphone market share. For the second place, USA has around 220 million smartphone users with the share of 16.7%. India holds 15% of the world’s smartphone market share with around 200 million smartphone users for the third place. But advance analytics predict by 2019 India will surpass USA and become second biggest smartphone share holder in the world.

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One of the Main reasons for this change is smartphone affordability, thanks to Chinese smartphone vendors like Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo and many more. So as Sri Lankans how this is going to affect us? Well Sri Lanka being the closest neighbour to India and India’s smartphone market made around 220$ to 300$ price range, in the future we can expect better smartphones from vendors like Samsung, HTC, Oppo etc. etc.

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If you look closely, this transition is already happening, best examples are; OnePlus’s upcoming flagship OnePlus 5 will be launched in India, Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi recently opened the second smartphone factory in India, not only that most of the Chinese smartphone vendors are already well established in India. According to Counterpoint, Vivo holds 12.60% of the Indian smartphone market as the second vendor (Samsung holds 26.50%), Xiaomi holds 11.20% and Oppo holds 11%.

According to predictions USA’s 16.7% smartphone share might drop down to 10% within two years’ time with the increase in other emerging markets like Brazil.
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